Budget is baked into top line revenue,

Totally up to creative, financial and all other partnership changes we want to make to this plan.

From iPhone raw BTS footage of production to shipping all the way to feature videos shot in Los Angeles, we want to collab on marketing. This is gonna be a good time.

ideal customer

Lifestyle: Ink'd, cannabis friendly

Gender: 50/50 Split Potentially, it's popular both in scent with men and women

Age: 19-42

josh ford

WAP video concept

Josh Ford of Los Angeles has presented an incredibly sexy alternative to the trap house "green bricks" production video concept.'

He basically said "the WAP video to Round of Applause as they pass and apply Waka Wax to their crazy sexy tattoed bods."

I vote that Waka walks in and calls em all freaks. Then peeks back.

as discussed on Mar 31


As we discussed Waka, this is another feature 30 sec promo shot by Josh Ford at his set in LA.

You sayd "Hey come see how we make our Waka Wax" on your iphone.

Then cut to slow motion, bad bitches in bras and panties, and masks chopping up green bricks of Waka Wax.

Quality control chick fight, you question whether this formula is turned up enough, etc.